Video: Pope Francis solemnises the first ever 'marriage on plane'

Two flight attendants exchanged wedding vows in the presence of the Pope.

Pope Francis surely loves to throw a lot of surprises whenever he’s interacting with the people anywhere in the world. So when he was recently flying in a Chilean airline, he married off two flight attendants ‘on air’.

When the LATAM Flight 1250 cabin crew got together for a photograph, Pope Francis met the couple, Paula Podest & Carlos Ciuffardi. During the interaction, the couple told him that they got married way back in 2010 but weren’t able to follow the church ceremony because of an earthquake that had destroyed their church.

It was that when the Pope decided to take charge. The couple exchanged vows in his presence and he solemnised the world’s first ‘on-air marriage’

And that’s what you a true ‘love’s in the air’ story!