This Study Proves Indians Are The Biggest Music Lovers

When it comes to music, we Indians are a crazy lot!

When it comes to music, we Indians are a crazy lot. And that’s why we spend more time listening to music than rest of the world. According to the findings of the Digital Music Study 2019
released by Indian Music Industry (IMI), an indian typically spends  19.1 hours listening to music, which is much higher than the global average of 18 hours.

There were other interesting observations

1. Indians spent 2.7 hours listening to music daily on an average.

2. 80 % respondents identified themselves as being ‘loving’ or ‘fanatical’ about music.

3. The top two favourite genres are Bollywood New and Bollywood Old.

4. 60% respondents listened to Bollywood New songs while 53 % listened to vintage Bollywood

5. Music piracy remains the biggest concern as 67% respondents used unlicensed methods compared to the global average of 27 %