'Stand Up For Kerala', Say Manipur Students Selling Tea To Raise Flood Relief Funds

From an 8-year-old kid to students to fishermen, people from all walks of life are helping out any way they can

As floodwaters slowly recede and Kerala is still trying to restore itself to normalcy, help from all over the world is making its way to ‘God’s own country’. Students Christian Movement of India in Manipur are helping out by selling tea in the district headquarters on Monday.

Northeast Today reported on how volunteers set up a tea stall at the grounds of a mini-stadium and requested people to contribute to the rehabilitation of Kerala’s flood victims. A few of them also carried out shop-to-shop sales and put up pamphlets with slogans like ‘Save Kerala’, ‘Give Without Boundaries’, ‘All for Kerala’, and ‘Stand Up For Kerala’, among others.

The group’s president President of SCMI-Senapati Unit, Paul N Tao told Northeast Today, “The money earned from the day’s work will be forwarded to SCMI head office. It is not much but we pray that our contribution, however little, will bring about a bit of difference in the lives of those who are affected by the devastating flood.”

Kerala is still reeling in the aftermath of the floods, the worst in a century, where over 350 people have lost their lives and others are taking stock of the damage. Help has been pouring in from people of all strata of the society and all age groups. From an 8-year-old girl donating the money in her piggy bank that she was collecting for a bicycle, to the fishermen who braved torrential rains and water in flooded areas to rescue thousands, there have been plenty to cheer about even in these distressing times.