Sehwag's Reaction To Kerala Adivasi Lynching Is Communal And Can Only Trigger Hatred

He pinpointed the names of three Muslim accused.

The brutal lynching of an Adivasi man accused of stealing some grocery items in Kerala, has appalled the entire nation. Madhu, 30, was tied with a cloth and beaten with sticks by a mob which took selfies and videos of him moments before his death. The incident has left most people shocked with many expressing their outrage on social media platforms.

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However, amidst the collective outrage, here is cricketing legend Virendra Sehwag whose ill-informed reaction poses all the risks of triggering hatred and communal divide.

The former cricketer tweeted that ‘a mob of Ubaid, Hussain and Abdul Kareem’ lynched the poor tribal to death.

According to a report by The Indian Express,  a group of seven local residents cornered Madhu inside the forest nearby, detained him at a bus shelter in Mukkali and informed police. It stated that when police arrived, Hussain Muhammed, Manu Damodaran, Abdul Rahman, Abdul Latheef, Abdul Kareem, AP Ummer and Mathachan Joseph pushed Madhu into the jeep along with a bag of rice and accused him of stealing it. Another report said that 10 people have been taken into custody by the police.

However, Sehwag chose to highlight only three Muslim names from this mob which was responsible for Madhu’s murder. Why were only these three named? Targeting a community for the crimes of a few, while at the same time ignoring the other culprits because they are not Muslims by a sporting icon with more than 15.9 million followers on Twitter, is irresponsible at the very least.

While all the accused, irrespective of their religion, deserve exemplary punishment for their horrific crime, selective accusations can only spread hatred.

But people were quick to point out the communal nature of his tweet and brought sense into him:

About time someone reigned in lour Twitter celebs and made them accountable for the garbage they spout on the regular.