Kerala Shamed! Adivasi Man Lynched For Stealing Rice While Mob Shares Selfies & Videos

Pictures and videos of him before his death were shared on social media.

In an incident that has left the entire state shocked, an Adivasi in Kerala was allegedly lynched by a mob which suspected him of theft. It happened in Attapadi, Palakkad when A Madhu, 30 was attacked with sticks leading to his death. However, what is appalling is the fact that photographs of him which were taken minutes before his death were widely shared on social media platforms.

On Thursday, Madhu was caught by a mob which suspected him of stealing rice as well as other grocery items. He was allegedly tied and beaten up with sticks. After police arrived, he was taken to the police station where he vomited blood. The officials then took him to Government Tribal Specialty Hospital at Kottathara where he was declared brought dead, reports The News Minute.

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The photographs which had gone viral shows the deceased in torn clothes. In one of the pictures, a man is seen talking to Madhu while the other is smiling for the camera.


A video of the incident was also widely shared on social media in which people were seen questioning the deceased. In the video, people are seen inspecting a bag that was recovered from him. The bag consisted of the stolen items that included rice, a torch, a packet of beedis, a packet of masala powder and some eggs.

The incident has sparked an outrage on social media with many people expressing dismay over his gruesome death.

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Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan condemned the incident and promised stringent action against the culprit.