RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat Explained Why Divorces Happen & Twitter Can't Handle It

From Mother Teresa to the Indian army, Mohan Bhagwat has issued plenty of provocative statements in the past.

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat has shared his wisdom about why divorces take place, and according to him it’s because of ‘education and affluence’. Bhagwat’s statement reads as follows: “Divorce cases are more in educated and affluent families because with education and affluence, comes arrogance, as a result of which families fall apart.” According to Bhagwat, if you’re educated, it’s likely your marriage could end up in divorce. And if you’re upper-class, then obviously relationships mean nothing to you.

Twitter, obviously, wasn’t going to take this statement lying down. It was so devoid of reason, that it even forced Bollywood actor Sonam K Ahuja to react to it. She called it ‘regressive and foolish’.

Director Anubhav Sinha, who’s next film Thappad examines if there’s a place for any form of violence in a marriage, questioned the Sangh’s logic while arguing about the divorces in different faiths.

Here are other responses to the RSS Chief’s statement:

Bhagwat has previously been guilty of other provocative statements too. Like when he said how the Sangh’s swayamsevak army could militarise the whole country in three days, whereas the Indian army would take about six-seven months to do the same. Bhagwat has previously also said that Mother Teresa’s objective behind coming to India. was to convert people to Christianity.