Lucknow Temple Hosts Iftar Party For Muslims, Sends A Message Of Brotherhood

Around 500 Muslims broke their fast inside the temple premises

In a welcoming gesture of peace and love, famous Mankameshwar Temple in Lucknow on Sunday hosted an Iftar party for Muslims who were observing fast.

It was the first time ever in the temple 1000-year history that the temple hosted an Iftar on its premises.

Not only Iftar, Muslims also offered Namaz at the ‘Aarti Sthal’ – the spot where Hindu devotees worship their Gods. Religious leaders from both the faiths joined the Iftar & turned the event into a major success

Temple’s chief priest Mahant Divya Giri said the Iftar will promote love and brotherhood among Hindus and Muslims. Muslims, who broke their fast at the temple, welcomed the event

Three cooks from the temple prepared the Iftar meal, while as dozens of Hindu devotees volunteered to ensure that every fasting Muslim got enough to eat.