Hindu outfit files complaint against Kamal Haasan for making derogatory comments on Mahabharata

Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) state secretary said that Kamal Haasan "doesn't have the guts to talk against any other religion"

A police complaint has been lodged against veteran actor Kamal Haasan for allegedly making derogatory comments against Hindus. The members of Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) have file complaint accusing Haasan of hurting religious sentiments.

According to the reports published in The Hindu, the complaint was registered at the Chennai City Police Commissionerate on March 15.

The controversy sparked when Haasan gave an interview to a Tamil channel referring to Mahabharata. Reportedly, he said, “Mahabharata talks about a woman (Draupadi) who was used as a pawn and was gambled away, and India reads such a book.”

The State Secretary of the Hindu outfit, Rama Ravikumar said that the actor is “anti-Hindu” and his comments have hurt their religious sentiments. “Will he ever speak against the Quran or the Bible like this? When Vishwaroopam released, several Muslims groups had protested against the movie. He had then said that there is no safety in this state, and that he should go somewhere else and live,” he said.

Rama said that Kamal should not speak against a book which is read and believed by so many people in India.

He went on ahead and said, “Haasan does not have the guts to talk against any other religion. He is an anti-Hindu person, so we complained against him. If he talks against the Quran or the Bible, the minorities will protest and create a problem for him. We have been suffering for long but haven’t been saying anything.”