Here We Go Again: DRS Is Back In The News For All The Wrong Reasons

Even cricket video games have a better DRS than this

Since the introduction of Decision Review System (DRS), questions have been raised over its effectiveness. On multiple occasions we have seen people complain about hawk-eye, ultra-edge, and the infamous, umpire’s call rule. We witnessed another example of DRS malfunction in India vs Australia 3rd ODI clash in Ranchi yesterday.

It was Aaron Finch who reviewed the umpire’s decision of leg before wicket in the 32nd over of first innings. Not only actual position at which the ball was pitched was dragged incorrect but the trajectory (spin) was changed as well.

In an early pre-DRS world, the replay should have shown that the ball pitched in line of the middle stump, and turning towards leg side, clipping the leg stump or missing it by a fraction. But the actual review showed ball pitched slightly different from the position it pitched, and going straight.

Few cricketers were baffled by the differences between reality and DRS vision as they expressed their disbelief on Twitter:

It is quite tough to say whether Finch became a victim of DRS failure as he could have been given out on the basis of umpire’s call. But Australia could have at least retained their review if Finch was given out on the basis of umpire’s call. If things like these happen in big tournaments like upcoming World Cup 2019, one bad review can change the course of the game.

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