Deja Vu In Ranchi: MS Dhoni Pulls Off Yet Another Unreal Run Out

Is MS Dhoni the best wicketkeeper the world has ever seen?

MS Dhoni hasn’t just revolutionised finishers’ approach during run-chases but wicketkeeping as well. Often called the very definition of a street-smart cricketer, Dhoni has worked hard to be more efficient in whichever role he plays. From his lightening fast stumpings to no-look run-outs, he has become an inspiration for wicketkeepers around the world to look up to.

His unorthodox yet effective technique to run out a player was at display again in Ranchi’s Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) stadium. With Australia aiming at a score in excess of 350, the way in-form batsman Glenn Maxwell was batting, the only way India could get a wicket was through a run out. And that’s exactly what happened.

In attempt to take a quick single, Maxwell and Aaron Finch took on the best fielder of India. Ravindra Jadeja was at mid-wicket and threw the ball to Dhoni in one quick motion. The wicketkeeper did not try to get the ball into his gloves and then take off the bails, which is what a conventional wicketkeeper would do. Instead, he just deflected the ball to the stumps as Maxwell was well short of the crease.

The local boy has similarly stunned the world at the same venue more than two years ago. During the India vs New Zealand clash in 2016, Dhoni’s no-look run out surprised everyone. The 37-year-old just flicked the ball to stumps getting the Kiwi batsman’s wicket.

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