Dear Zindagi quiz: Can you answer these 5 questions that SRK asked Alia in this Gauri Shinde film?

Bollywood has explored human relationship, action, family drama, romance but not one's relationship with own-self. Dear Zindagi does that.

“Don’t let the past blackmail your present into ruining a beautiful future”. Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi is full of such tiny lessons. Some, which are evidently mentioned in the narration of the film and a few which need to be read between the lines. Starring Shah Rukh Khan as Jahangir Khan and Alia Bhatt as Kaira, the film explores the complicated relationship of a girl with her own-self. But is it only the story of Kaira?

In its entire journey of simplifying life for Kaira, Dear Zindagi puts some relevant questions in front of the audience. So every time you see that heartwarming session between Jug and Kaira about life, you find yourself answering the questions that Jug puts in front of Kaira. When he asks her about those five people who will always stay in her life despite all ups and down, you start jotting down the same list of your people.

If you have watched Dear Zindagi, you’d know what we are talking about. And if you haven’t, here’s what the film has in stores for you. Following are the five questions that Dear Zindagi asks and answers for you through its narrative:

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Who are you and what are you doing in life? 

Ok, you might be a student, a working professional or any human being just trying to exist in the world, but the question is not really that. Your work doesn’t define you or should not be the definition of who you are. You could be known as a doctor but that’s just a part of you. What Dear Zindagi asks you is what are those things that you are doing to satiate your inner-self. What are you doing to express yourself? A lot of us dance and express, some paint and express, some write and do the same. And some simply like to spend time alone on a long walk talking to themselves. That’s what defines the real you. And that’s one part of you which you should never stop working on.

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Life lessons by Dear Zindagi (Photo courtesy: Twitter, redchilliesent/

Kaira is the director of photography but she dares to reject a big project of her career to make a documentary that she really wanted to. That’s how she found herself expressing better.

Is whatever you are doing in life really worth it?

The film asks you to stop, hold yourself, analyse your decisions, sort out what’s wrong and then move ahead. It’s your life. You’re the one who needs to take charge of it. Do it. Does your job make you feel satisfied, the way you spent your day? Do you get enough time to think about yourself in a day? Or does your job let you do things that you really want to do — reading, writing, dancing, talking to people etc. If not, then it’s the right time to reconsider what you’re doing.

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Kaira takes out her ‘me’ time and decides to live with her family. At the same time, she thinks of the things that make her happy, like playing with her childhood doll or reading out the stories to her brother from his favourite comic book.

Do you have those five people in life who will stay with you forever despite all ups and downs?

All of us have relationships in life. Some, which we know we’ll never be barred of like parents or siblings. And a few that we choose ourselves, friends and colleagues. But, how many of these are the ones that we think will remain with us forever? Can we immediately recollect the names of those five people who are so close to us that we are sure to have them at every point in life? Like those people who will never go out of our lives no matter how many people keep entering and exiting our lives. If yes, then we should never ever try to lose them. And if not, let’s work on building those relationships. Yes we need them.

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Kaira is sure about four of such people in her life. And she starts working on having the rest of one as well.

Just what stops you from having a clear-cut vision of things?

Do you call a spade a spade? Or do you find yourself completely caught up in situations where taking a decision is not possible for you? Dear Zindagi says that nothing is as simple as saying ‘yes’ to what you want and ‘no’ to what you don’t.

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When Kaira doesn’t want to face her ex, she simply asks him to get out of her house. And when she knows she will not be comfortable working on a project with her ex, she simply refuses it. When she had questions regarding her childhood from her parents, she simply goes to them and asks them to give answers.

Why is it so difficult for you to accept failure/ rejection and move on?

Nobody is perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist. In fact, your imperfection is what shapes you up. It’s fine to fail in life, for that it gives you a chance to get up and do better. It’s fine to be rejected, for it gives you the courage to work harder to prove them wrong. There’s nothing like winning or losing, for both are just two sides of the same coin. Both just ask you to keep moving in life.

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When Kaira discovers that she has a fear of being rejected by the men in her life, she makes herself stronger. She makes peace with herself and moves ahead. She focuses on other good things happening in her life and starts nourishing the qualities she has.

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Dear Zindagi is a beautiful film. Not because it has those commercial elements and Shah Rukh Khan playing the character of a life coach. But because it talks about things and emotions that are rare to find in the mainstream cinema. Bollywood has time and again explored the human relationship, action, family drama, romance but in no way, the Hindi movies could explore one’s relationship with own-self. Dear Zindagi does that. It could or could not have done it in a better way (some people found it a bit slow). But the thought that it successfully evokes makes it worth a watch.

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Watch Dear Zindagi and tell us what it taught you!