Another Mob Violence In Jharkhand: Swami Agnivesh Allegedly Thrashed By BJP Workers

Swami Agnivesh sustained and had to be taken to a nearby hospital.

In another incident of mob violence, social activist Swami Agnivesh was attacked allegedly by BJP workers in Jharkhand. The incident happened on Tuesday in Pakur district, where the 80-year-old activist had gone to attend an event in a hotel. When he came out of the hotel after attending the event, he was attacked by some people who he alleges were BJP workers.

They assaulted him and tore his clothes. The workers also raised slogans against him and waved black flags. As per a report by the Indian Express, they were angry over his remarks defending beef consumption.

Agnivesh was later rushed to a nearby hospital where he is being treated for injuries. He alleged that no policemen were present at the spot when he was being attacked.

“I had offered to hold a dialogue with them. But nobody came to speak to me. I was going to a sammelan (seminar) with my tribal friends when they launched an attack. They were carrying black flags and without any warning pounced on me. They punched, kicked and dragged me on the ground. They also used cuss words,” he told NDTV.

An Arya Samaj scholar who has also served as the member of the legislative assembly in Haryana, Agnivesh has been a vocal critic of right-wing Hindutva ideology and has often invited the ire of Hindu outfits.