4-year-old kid unlocks iPhone, dials emergency to save his mother's life

The emergency help soon reached their home and saved the kid's mother

The present era is highly prone to smartphones and sometimes, it seems that the current human race could hardly survive without it. But if we look from a technical point of view, we will find that despite its addiction in the present generation, this gadget could be a life saviour. You never know when a particular feature of your smartphone, which you use in your daily life, could save someone’s life. Now, if you don’t believe in the ‘life-saving’ fact mentioned above, then the story coming next will clear the picture.

An incident took place in England where a four-year-old kid saved his mother’s life using a smartphone application.

A kid named Roman from Kenley, London was playing in his home along with his twin brother when his mother suddenly collapsed and fell down on the floor. The kid shook her but she didn’t revive. Next what the four-year-old boy did was a clear cut example of the presence of mind.

The kid, Roman, took her mother’s iPhone and unlocked the keypad using her thumb’s fingerprint. Then he accessed the SIRI feature of the smartphone and dialled UK’s emergency number 999. Once the helpline executive received the call, Roman said that her mummy is dead. The person on the call asked him what that meant to which the kid replied, “She’s closed her eyes and not breathing.”

Soon the emergency help reached to the address told by Roman to the helpline executive. The Paramedics and police broke into the house and examined his mother who was lying on the floor. Meanwhile, Roman’s mother came back to her senses and she was taken to the nearby hospital for further treatment.

Though the story tells us the importance of a mobile app but at the same time, it also shows that how important it is to make your kids remember the address of your own house.

Here’s the entire conversation of Roman with the emergency helpline executive:


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