Meet 10-Year-Old DJ From Ghana Who Sets The Dance Floor On Fire

The Ghana-based girl started DJ-ing when she was 9-year-old.

Erica Tandoh, popularly known as DJ Switch is taking the music scene by storm. This 10-year-old girl is not an ordinary kid. The Ghana-based girl started DJing when she was 9-year-old. “I just wanted to try my hand at it,” she told BBC in a video interview.

“Being a young DJ is not that difficult,” she said. “When you are being taught in school you pick everything fast. So when you are being taught to DJ you also pick it up fast.”

The young and talented DJ became the youngest person to win at Ghana’s annual DJ Awards. When asked about her stage name, she explained, “I picked this name because I switch up people’s happiness.”

She has even released a music video called Deceiver in which she has performed with her mother. Erica’s talented is not just limited to DJing but she loves to sing, dance, rap and plays the trumpet as well.

Winning a Ghanaian children’s reality show, Talented Kidz in 2017, was the turning point in her life. Erica loves DJing but she aspires to become a gynaecologist because she wants to help women.