Welcome to the big bad world of pre-wedding shoots

Here is what happens behind the scenes of a pre-wedding shoot

Tired of scrolling through pre-wedding pictures or videos flooding your social media timeline? ‘Tis the season of weddings and naturally the time is ripe for wedding photographers to come out and play. For the uninitiated, wedding photography is the cute and candid pictures that couples want before getting hitched. The wedding photographers are right there with the couples, snapping away to glory for their “perfect” save-the-dates, engagement announcements till the actual wedding and reception.

So, you thought only Hollywood and Bollywood can tease?

Nope. It is not just SRK movies that have inviting teasers, the wedding teaser is a huge deal for the family, even more than the couple, as it is supposed to give a fleeting glimpse of their chemistry. The package becomes complete with forced displays of affection, awkward attempts of posing like Bollywood celebrities topped with unnecessary judgmental looks from onlookers.
At the hall of shame, the wedding photographers are breathing down the necks of innocent couples, who just want to get over with it. While the entire fanfare used to be restricted to the entitled upper class, it seems to have trickled down to the middle-class and has progressively become an absolute norm in the society.

From iconic monuments to nostalgic by-lanes, its not just the photographers scouring the city for innovative “locations” which could cost anywhere between Rs 10,000 and Rs 5,00,000. Welcome to the Lodhi Garden, one of the prime locations in Delhi for wedding photography. In this video, we bring you the drama behind the scenes of a pre-wedding shoot.

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