#TryOut: Transqueen India Nitasha Biswas shows how to transform from scribe to goddess in 5 mins

To transform a rookie like me to look somewhat like Violet Chachki was quite a task for Transqueen India 2017 Nitasha Biswas

The last time I applied make-up was when I was in Class 1. And now, after 19 years, Transqueen India 2017 Nitasha Biswas taught me how to transform into a diva in under 5 minutes!

The only thing I use in the name of beauty products is a dab of moisturiser on my face after taking a bath and balm for my lips (which I end up eating if it is flavoured). For a rookie like me to look like someone on the likes of RuPaul Drag Race Season 7 winner Violet Chachki was quite an uphill task for Nitasha, who used all her skills to transform me from a scribe to a goddess.

As someone who really didn’t know what contouring was till Nitasha told me, it was not just an exhilarating experience to look at myself in the tiny pocket mirror, but I was dumbfounded when I realised how beautiful I really was (okay, yeah, I know I brag a lot). But more importantly what dawned was the realization that what makeup does is it brings inner beauty to the fore.