Swipe right on Sultana Abdullah. The 60-year-old romantic looking for a partner

“People wanted to know if I am joking...At this age, I can’t afford to joke"

As she strides down the walkway of the neighbourhood park, Sultana Abdullah, 60, cuts a striking figure. Her multi-coloured striped pullover is a beautiful contrast to her snow-white hair. Heads turn, people make way for her.  There is something about Sultana.

“I just talked about finding love and kitna kuch ho gaya,” says Sultana, whose recent interview to Hindustan Times went viral. As we settle down in the living room of her quirky south Delhi house, Sultana reveals that her life has significantly changed ever since her interview went viral. While most media houses talked about Sultana’s hunt for a groom, the lady herself was bombarded with congratulatory messages and incredulous questions. “People wanted to know if I am joking. Some said that I am being brave. There is nothing brave in looking for companionship. If men do it, it’s okay. Women are supposed to just wither away,” says Sultana.

Her declaration may have exposed the hypocrisy of our society when it comes to older women and their needs, but Sultana insists that the whole exercise is not a social experiment. “At this age, I can’t afford to joke,” she says.

Here are some qualities Sultana Abdullah wants in her man:

1. Good sense of humour
2. Unfailing respect for everybody (From pet to neighbours to mom)
3. Well-behaved with everyone
4. Lively

Additional points
1. A man with children and grandchildren is added benefit

Do not approach if: you are
1. Boring
2. Negative in life