6 Ways to get through Valentine's Day after breakup

Even if you're not devastated and have moved on from your latest breakup, all those cupids and heart-shaped boxes, and red cushions will make you feel bad.

After a breakup, the first few weeks are terrible and disturbing. And the majority of problems come from the fact that now you are lonely. That person is missing from your life and you have nobody to call ‘Nonu’, ‘Babu’, ‘Shona’. You now belong to an unknown, potentially hostile territory. It feels like you have been transferred to some frightening reality. You feel bad, alone, terrible and you struggle to live each day. You constantly think how I am gonna survive without him/her.

It’s a whole new range of emotions that keep pattering on you. But slowly you cope up with everything and then suddenly you see everybody around you prepping for Valentine’s Day. This is more frustrating now. February 14 is the day when you just can’t ignore to see love all around.

Even if you’re not devastated and have moved on from your latest breakup, all those cupids and heart-shaped boxes, and red cushions will make you feel bad (read: terrible). So, if you’ve recently faced a breakup, here we have few ideas for you to not see all those lovey-dovey couples and feel bad.

Dance in underwear:

This might be weird but it will help for sure. Close your room, put on your favourite song and dance like no one is watching. This is one thing that will certainly help you go stress-free. Here, the idea is to make yourself happy.

P.S: Well, make sure you close your room, people wouldn’t like to see the scene (wink!)

Wake up prankster inside you:

It’s time to relive your childhood. Wake up that prankster who used to trouble siblings, teachers and friends. Go for it. Some pranks don’t hurt people but make others happy.

P.S: Don’t cross limits (Y)

Smash oranges on your ex’s face:

No, don’t take the advice literally. Get a board, take her/his pic and waste some oranges. A better idea is to eat fresh ones and smash the tasteless ones on your ex’s face. It will be fun and you will feel better.

P.S: You can use other things like darts, tomatoes, cakes, too!

Clean your house:

Now this will be a bonus. So, when you decide to clean your entire house, you mom will be the happiest person on earth and this will help you forget your ex. You can praise yourself while being on a cleaning spree.

P.S: Don’t dare to change the position of things your mom had set

Go for paintball:

This is one of the best stress busters. Whether you just had a breakup or got scolded at college, go for this paintball session and you will feel relaxed. Play like this is going to be your last game ever. You gonna enjoy it AF.

P.S: Every other player is not your ex. Be a little easy with them 😛

Arrange a ‘move on’ bonfire:

How about arranging a “move on” bonfire? Get all your ex’s gifts, cards, and letters and burn them in the bonfire.

PS: Include pictures, too!