11 weird sex laws from around the world that'll blow your mind

You think only India is weird to have a system which doesn't view marital rape as an offense? Think again as these 11 laws will change your views forever

If you thought that sex is a taboo only in India then you clearly haven’t been paying attention at all. Granted that madness surrounding this three-lettered word (which happens to a perfectly normal biological process) in our country has reached another level (remember, it is ok to rape your wife our country!), it is important to note that while people might still be talking about sex in hushed tones, we are not alone in this world.

From having the right to have sex with an animal (yeah, we were shocked too) to having a law which makes kissing a sleeping beauty illegal, from having a law that prohibits people using curse words during sex to a law that prohibits having ‘sexual intercourse with a fish’– the world is full of bizarre and crazy laws and rights that make Indian laws look funny.

So here’s a list of 11 weird sex laws from around the world that will boggle your mind:

1. A man is not allowed to kiss his wife’s breasts in Florida.

2. It’s illegal for a man to have a boner in public places in some states in the United States.

3. It’s illegal for a man to use curse words during sex in Oregon.

4. You cannot have sex with lights on in Budapest.

5. In California, Colombia, mothers have to watch their daughters lose their virginity.

6. A man cannot have sex with a virgin, even on his wedding night.

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7. A man cannot have sex with a live fish in Minnesota, US.

8. You cannot have sex in a parked vehicle in London, UK.

9. Women can roam around naked only in their bathrooms in China.

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10. A man has to wear a condom while having sex with Satan in California.

11. You cannot sleep naked with your partner in Minnesota, United States.

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