11 signs that your partner might be cheating on you

In an ideal world, no one would cheat on their partners. But, in the real world, people screw up. Here are tips to know if your partner is cheating on you

Knowing about your partner’s previous love affairs can be a bit uncomfortable. But discovering that they have been cheating on you can be heartbreaking. In an ideal world, no one would cheat on their partners, however, in the real world, people screw up. And sometimes even those with high morale make irrational decisions.

There is no reason that could ever justify the act of cheating on one’s partner. Even so, it is better to come out clean and admit to your mistake. But if you suspect something is fishy and your partner isn’t coming clean, there are plenty of ways of knowing the truth. Here are some tips that will help you know if your partner is cheating on you:

1) They seem more distant
Do you feel that your partner seems more distant? Has lack of communication started affecting your relationship? Do you feel that your partner has started ignoring you? If this is indeed the case, it’s time that you have an honest conversation with them. Maybe it’s something work-related or maybe they are cheating on you– either way you need to find out.

2) They aren’t jealous anymore
Remember how your partner used to react when someone checked you out or when a stranger smiled at you at the bar? If your partner doesn’t react in the same way anymore, you need to take a good look at your relationship.

3) They are defensive about other’s affair
You talked about an affair your colleague had with another co-worker with your partner. And instead of supporting your argument, they become defensive? They might be having an affair.

4) They are nervous around you
Cheating on your partner involves a lot of lying and the fear of being caught. Hiding such an important detail from you can make them nervous and anxious around. If this happens often, then you might have a problem.

5) They give you blank stares
If you find that your partner is at a loss for words quite often and even when you innocently inquire about their last visit to their home, there might be trouble in the paradise. They are confused about the lies that they have told you. You will be surprised to know the amount of energy that goes in remembering all those details.

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6) Their phone becomes off limit
Did you notice that your partner has suddenly become very protective of their phone? It could be because they have something on their phone that they don’t want you to see.

7) Their social media passwords have change
Did your partner change their social media passwords recently? If they did, might indicate that they have something to hide. It’s time to have a small chat with them.

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8) They are often late from work
Coming home late from work sometimes is one thing. But if it becomes a habit you might have a thing or two to worry about. There’s nothing better than to sort out the confusion that to have a heart to heart conversation.

9) Showering as soon as they get home
Unless your partner is a construction worker and is out on the field all day long, there’s no reason for them to shower right after they enter the home. Is it because they are trying to hide signs of their crime? Maybe.

10) They keep backing out of your plans
Do you find yourself consoling you for changed plans? Is your partner ditching all your plans? Has this become a habit? It could be because they have found someone else.

11) Frequent unexplained plans
Is your partner going for sudden unexplained trips frequently? Unless they are a wanderlust who loves to go on a trip alone, this could mean that they are spending time with someone else. Remember the movie– Valentine’s Day?

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