Watch: What happens when a powerlifter takes on a strongman in strength wars?

Powerlifter Alexandr Luzanov battles against Strongman Nikita Golovan

Fitness is not only a state of good health and well-being, for some it is the way of life. For them, training their bodies in gyms regularly is not a formality, it becomes a diet. 2k16 Strength Wars’ battle in Russia hosted by Russian legend Mikhail Koklyaev saw powerlifter Alexandr Luzanov battles against strongman Nikita Golovan.

Alexandr Luzanov is a 23-year-old powerlifter hailing from Russia.

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23-year-old powerlifter Alexandr Luzanov. (Photo: Youtube)

Luzanov has been awarded several national power lifting championships. He participates in challenging fitness drills and exercises to test his strength and willpower.

Nikita Golovan is a 20-year-old strongman also hailing from Russia.

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20-year-old strongman Nikita Golovan. (Photo: Youtube)

Golovan is listed in the top 10 of Russia’s strongest people. He aims to become even stronger in life and his motivation is fitness.

The duo went through three exhausting drills – Squats (15 x 200 kg), Clean and Press (15 x 100 kg), and Dumbbell Walk (2 x 40 kg – 10 m) & Farmers Walk (2 x 120 kg – 20 m).

Eventually, Nikita Golovan ousted Alexandr Luzanov. It was a tough encounter between the pair who went through the drills withstanding tremendous pain. The strongman emerged as the victor by defeating the powerlifter. But in the end, fitness certainly won.