Meet Laxman Rao: the Delhi tea seller who is also the author of 25 books

He has written around 25 books till now, out of which 17 have been published.

Delhi is full of inspirational stories and one of them is of Laxman Rao. If you have been to Delhi’s Hindi Bhawan, you must have seen an unusual sight of a 65-year-old selling tea alongside some books. He is a chaiwallah by the day and writes books at night.

He has written around 25 books till now, out of which 17 have been published. He has been honoured by many dignitaries, including Indira Gandhi and Pratibha Patil. So, while on our search for inspirational stories, we happened to meet the man who is full of positivity. He told us about his journey over tea.

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The story is not about him selling tea at a corner of one of the most popular roads in the city, rather, it is more about his education and hard work. He started out from Amravati district in Maharashtra where he worked as a domestic help for five years. He passed 10th standard there and then went to work in a textile mill for another five years. Eventually, he came to Delhi and worked as a construction worker, washed dishes at a dhaba and finally managed to open a shop to sell paan, beedi and cigarettes. In 1980, he decided to sell tea at ITO.

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He was rejected by several well-known publishers but never lost heart. His best-selling novel, Ramdas sold 4,000 copies! And today, his books are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and are also available on Kindle (with English translation).