Kiss Day 2017: All set for the day? Here's how you can celebrate

Hold her tight, and whisper in her ears about how important she is to you. Well! This will surely bring that billion dollar smile on her face, wouldn't it?

The day of love Valentine’s Day brings lots of other special days with it, including the Kiss Day. Celebrated on February 13 every year, the day is dedicated to showing affection, love, and care with a warm kiss.

Although it seems unfair to dedicate only one day to this beautiful gesture, the existence of a special day has its own bliss. If you have been planning to make this day special for you and your partner, here are some suggestions.

Gift of his/her choice: Gifting is the easiest way of making someone feel special. When it comes to your beloved, planning a surprise gift always works well.

Love notes: Small love notes left around in the house are sure to brighten your partner’s day. Place them in the places where he can easily find them.

Romantic dinner date: On this special day, romance is incomplete without a romantic dinner date. Surprise your spouse and plan a romantic dinner. Going for a candle light can always enhance the effectiveness of the moment.

Image Credit: Dreamstime

Image Credit: Dreamstime

Cook for her: How about arranging a dinner at home and offering dishes cooked by you. Well! This will surely bring that billion dollar smile on her face.

Give her “me” time: This is one of the basic requirements in any relationship. Try to help her find some time for herself, this will surely distress her. Remember that she is also a human and she also needs to be in her own company.


Write a love and thank you letter: Choose the day to thank her for being with you. Tell her how much you care and appreciate all that she does. But do remember to express yourself in a good manner through this letter.

Hold her tight: This gesture will leave her with a feeling that she is your angel. Hold her tight, and whisper in her ear about ‘how important she is to you.’