Here's a 5-step guide to detox after Diwali celebrations!

Check out 5 simple steps that you can take over the next week to bring your body back to normal after Diwali indulgence:

The purpose of Diwali is to be happy, chow down on festive sweets and gain tons of weight. The purpose of a detox is to take the load off and detoxify the body after a heavy and calorie-laden festive week. Both of them cancel each other out perfectly, right?

If you’re somebody who loves traditions and parties equally, you’re bound to binge-eat, drink and party on Diwali. We don’t want you to regret all the late night festivities and have thus come up with a perfect detox recipe for the day after Diwali. Don’t feel guilty about indulging, Diwali is supposed to be all about friends, family and deep-fried food!

Loads of lemon-water

This is the perfect way to start to your detox. Just squeeze half a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and have it just after you wake up. Don’t drink it 3 times a day- that’s not going to help!

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Cut down on sugar

We know you’ve had more than your fair share of sweets on Diwali! Restrict your sugar intake for the next week and stay away from any sugary goodness.

Avoid naps at random hours

Taking a nap at odd hours in the afternoon or late in the morning meses up your fitness regime as it lowers your metabolism and makes you lethargic.

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Get that dahi!

Dahi lowers body weight and had probiotics which provide beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract which helps in digestion.

Don’t skip lunch/dinner

Eating less will not help you lose weight!Instead of eating less, eat smaller portions in short intervals throughout the day. Taking large gaps between meals slows down the enzyme breakdown process.


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