7 reasons why you should stop having energy drinks right now!

Do you consume energy drinks frequently? Do you know that drinking too much energy drinks can cause type-2 diabetes and weight gain? Check out more such facts inside

We all need a boost time to time. Whether it is for the last minute presentation that your boss asked you to prepare for your firm or for the big interview for your dream job or for your exam next day, there are times when we have to sacrifice our sleep for the greater good. While most people like to stick to tea and coffee, gen X believes in getting instant results and so they pick energy drinks over the conventional remedies.

But do you know, energy drinks do more harm than good to your body?

Here are seven harmful impacts of drinking energy drinks:

Type-2 Diabetes

Red Bull, energy drinks

Red Bull (Photo: Pixabay)

Energy drinks contain heaps of sugar. In fact, 8.4 fluid ounce of Red Bull contains 27g of sugars. Excessive intake of energy drinks not only causes the sugar crash but can also cause type-2 diabetes in the long run.



Insomnia (Photo: Dreamstime)

Needless to say that energy drinks mess your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Long-term exposure to high amounts of caffeine can not only cause insomnia but also lead to the poor concentration at work and drowsiness.

Cardiac Arrest

Heart Attack

Heart Attack (Photo: Dreamstime)

It’s a known fact that too much caffeine not only messes with one’s sleep but also causes cardiac problems. Drinking too much energy drinks can not only cause abnormal heartbeat but also a cardiac arrest.

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Headache (Photo: Pixabay)

One of the primary ingredients of the energy drinks is caffeine. Excessive use of caffeine can cause withdrawal symptoms which include severe headaches. The frequency and intensity of headaches can vary depending on a number of energy drinks you are having.

Nervous conditions


Nervousness (Photo: Pixabay)

Excessive caffeine can cause a number of health issues. Apart from insomnia and headaches, drinking too much energy drinks can cause nervous problems like anxiety attacks, nervousness, and even panic attacks.


Energy drinks

Energy drinks (Photo: Pixabay)

Everything in excess is bad. Energy drinks contain fortified vitamin, which can easily exceed the daily value required by the body. This not only cause toxicity in liver but too much intake of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) can also cause flushing of the skin.

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Energy drinks

Energy drinks (Photo: Pexels)

Energy drinks not only contain caffeine and sugar but also ingredients like Inositol, Ginseng, and Taurine. These ingredients can also cause allergic reactions from itching to constriction of the airways.

Apart from these, energy drinks can also cause weight gain, high blood pressure, and addiction. Do you still think that energy drinks are the best way to stay awake late at night? Time to reconsider!

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