From horns to Elf ears, 9 weird body implants that will make you cringe!

Many people go for body makeover, enhancing their body parts to look 'different'. Here's a look at some of the extreme cases

How important is it for you to look different? What is it that you are willing to do to look different? Would you consider going for full body tattoos? Or would you slice your tongue into half? Would you implant horns in your head? Or would you literally implant saline bags so that the hot babe in your tattoo looks errr ‘real’?

While all of this might sound a bit weird, but you will be surprised to know that many people go for extreme body makeover, enhancing their body parts to look ‘different’ and in some cases to match their self-image.

Here we have compiled a list of nine such extreme make over cases, that will leave you cringing:

Bagel Head Implant

weird transplant

Bagel Head Transplant (Photo: Facebook)

Do you love food? If yes, till what extent are you willing to go to show that you love bagels and doughnuts? How about modifying your head to look like one? Bagel transplant originated in Canada and it is common in China and Japan now. It involves injecting saline into a person’s head for creating a temporary swelling in shape of a bagel.

Subdermal implant

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Subdermal Implants (Photo: Facebook)

For simplicity, let’s call them Aquaman implants. Subdermal implants or Aquaman implants (as we like to call them) first originated in 1994 in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then they have been used to create impressions on the skin by placing silicon or Teflon under the skin. This process is also called 3D implant and you can create anything from stars to lock and key to hearts.

Horn Implants

implants, lifestyle

Horn implants (Photo: Facebook)

Have you ever come across people who have horns? Well, if you have not, then here’s a quick explainer. It’s a process called horn implants and it involves small pieces of silicone or Teflon being inserted beneath the skin of the forehead to give the appearance like a horn. Cringe worthy eh?

Transdermal Implants

implants, lifestyle

Transdermal Implants (Photo: Facebook)

If what you saw till now didn’t make you cringe, this surely will. Transdermal implants are partly buried inside the skin and partly exposed on top of the skin. The visible part of the implant holds a spike or a bead.

Ear On Arm

implant, lifestyle

Ear on arm (Photo: Facebook)

Humans have two arms, two eyes, and two ears. In fact, most mammals have two ears. But what if one day you realise that having a set of ears is not enough for you and you need an extra ear to get enhanced hearing powers like super heroes? Would you go for an additional ear implant? Well, this guy certainly felt the need for having an extra ear and what better place to have it on other than your arm?!

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Tattooed Leg With Boob Implants

boob implant, lifestyle

Leg boob implants (Photo: Facebook)

What do you do if you love your ‘babe’ too much? Do you get her tattooed on your body? What if you wanted the tattoo to look more realistic? Would you get boob implants on your tattoo? Well, this man surely did. And the results are astonishing!

Arm Implant

arm implant, lifestyle

Arm Implant (Photo: Softpedia)

Normally, we require just two arms to perform our daily chores? What if one day you felt that two wasn’t enough? Well, this guy got an arm from his twin brother implanted on his body for the thrill. Any words?

Elf Ears

implants, lifestyle

Elf Ears (Photo: Facebook)

Do you love Disney cartoons? How about Tinkerbell/Elf ears? While it seems all fairytale-ish, Elf ears are a part of extreme body makeover techniques. The process involves literally cutting the top of the ear and reshaping it in the pointed form as it heals.

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Wolverine Implant

Wolverine implant, lifestyle

Wolverine implant (Photo: Facebook)

We all have grown up watching super hero movies. And watching Wolverine fighting with his adamantium claws has been one of the most interesting parts of the X-men series. What if you could have claws like Wolverine? Well, Wolverine implants give you the claws. Now all you need is his super healing power.