Dutch Tulip, Scorpion and 7 other crazy ways to roll up a perfect joint -- Watch Video

Are you bored of rolling the same old joint? Is it getting increasingly difficult to get a strong hit? Well, here are nine crazy ways you can roll your joint to get that perfect high

Hello, stoners! Anyone who has ever smoked up a joint even for once in life would understand that rolling a joint is an art. It takes years and years of practice to roll a neat joint. But what makes a perfect joint is not only how well it has been rolled but also the quality of ‘stuff,’ ehmm cannabis and marijuana, that goes inside that joint.

Even so, sometimes a simple drag is not enough to give you that perfect hit (and lift your spirits to cloud 9). After all, it’s not every day that one decides to smoke up. And if a single drag doesn’t make you fly (higher and higher), it’s really not worth it.

Well, for all those who love experimenting and want to get the most out of a single drag, here are 9 crazy ways to roll a perfect joint:

Pinner Joint

joint, weed, marijuana

Pinner Joint (Photo: Facebook)

When you are in a hurry, a pinner joint is your instant fix. This joint is rolled as thinly as possible and has a thin wick like structure to burn it. But don’t go by its simple structure, it may look simple but it’s equally difficult to roll.

Plumber’s Joint

joint, marijuana,

Plumber’s Joint (Photo: Facebook)

If you are into carefully constructed structures, you will surely like this one. This one has a separate ‘tunnel’ to help this marvel breathe.

Shotgun Joint

joint, marijuana

Shotgun Joint (Photo: Facebook)

Consider it the James Bond of all joints. It will slay you with its force and you won’t even realise how. It’s classy and vintage.

Dutch Tulip Joint

joint, marijuana

Dutch Tulip joint (Photo: Facebook)

Do you like tulips? Even if you don’t you will surely like this one. Dutch Tulip joint has a lean top and a thick bottom (nasty thoughts). Just one drag of this one will give you a strong hit.

XXL Joint

joint, marijuana

XXL Joint (Photo: Facebook)

This one is as big as it gets. XXL joints are enormous and just one drag can knock you off your feet. Don’t trust us? Well, why don’t you try it out yourself!

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Cross Joint

joint, marijuana

Cross joint (Photo: Facebook)

If you have ever binge watched on Hollywood movies, the cross joint will remind you of something similar. Yes, the famous cross. Though it might seem a bit insensitive, stoners don’t care. Do they?

Triple braid Joint

joint, marijuana

Triple braid joint (Photo: Facebook)

Have you ever braided your hair? No? Well, it would have been a good idea if you had some practice. Triple braided joint gives you the power of three in a single joint.

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Windmill Joint

joint, marijuana

Windmill joint (Photo: Facebook)

As the name suggests, windmill joint is like a super joint that holds four small joints along with the main joint. So it is like the power of 5 joints in a single drag. It can be a bit tricky to make.

Scorpion Joint

joint, marijuana

Scorpion joint (Photo: Facebook)

This one’s a masterpiece that requires years of practice and hours of hard work to make. It looks like a scorpion and is loaded with ‘stuff’. Just try it out once.

Disclaimer: Using Marijuana is illegal in India. We do not support its use.

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