Scientists just invented wine 'made out of chai' and we can't wait to take a sip

We Indians love Chai. And who doesn't love wine? What if we combine the two? Would be amazing, right? Read on to find out about 'wine-chai'

Chai – The drink India can’t live without. Chai is a delightful and tasty treat. Wait, it’s more than just a treat- it’s a custom, a ritual, isn’t it? Having some guests over? Chai! Leaving for work? Morning Chai! In between work? Mandatory ‘I need Chai to function’ Chai! Came back from work? Evening chai! And who can forget that ‘OMG it’s raining let’s have some Chai’ Chai?!

Let’s all accept it- We Indians are obsessed with Chai and now a team of scientists has taken it to the next level- They’ve come up with wine made of Chai! Yes, you read that right. A team of Chai-enthusiast scientists has come up with wine that is made out of tea leaves. Scientists from the Micro-Biology team of Assam’s Tocklai Tea Research Institute developed wine from tea grown in Jorhat, Assam. The wine is extracted from the green tea and the alcohol is produced by the usual process of fermentation. The resultant wine is said to be a residue-free drink prepared from organic, pesticide-free green tea and reportedly helps in controlling sugar, wards off cold, and prevents some cancers! Isn’t that amazing?

This drink is great for any party.  A bottle of bubbly sparkling wine that tastes like refreshing green tea will definitely go a long way!

Already in the mood for some Chai now? Here are some delicious recipes that you can sip now while you wait for your Chai-wine!

Black tea to refresh your mind, body and soul!

Good ol desi Chai!

Masala Chai to perk you up on a Monday morning!

Ginger tea! Who doesn’t want a healthy drink that’s tasty AND great for digestion.

Who’s up for some Chai?!

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