If you are a true foodie, you'll love these cheesy pick-up lines!

Love food? Love being smooth? Well, then these cheesy pick-up lines should be your go to conversation starters at any party

All of us love food, right? But then there are some food-obsessed people like us. For us, food and love are practically synonyms. The motto we go by is ‘Food is love, food is life’ and our love for food is evident in the way we hit on people too! No matter how absurd it may seem, we think it’s kinda cute!

On a more serious front, the relationship between food and love goes way back! Right from the stone-age, food has been used as a way to display skills to a potential mate. Preparing fancy meals or having candlelit dinners is till date the best way to spend time with your loved one, isn’t it? And we all know how aphrodisiacs provide euphoria, giddiness and energy.  Keeping all this in mind, cheesy foodie pickup lines are probably the best thing on the planet, no? Here are 9 pickup lines that will definitely work on a foodie:

Baby are you a dessert, because I really wanna cup your cakes.

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You remind me of chocolates. (–why?) ‘Cause I wanna take your top off.

Baby, you got more legs than a bucket of KFC!

Is your body McDonalds? ‘Cause I’m loving it!

Is your dad a chef? Cause you look delicious.

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You must be a plate of spicy paani puri ’cause you fire me up!

Baby, if you were a fruit you’d be a Fineapple.

If you were a burger at McDonald’s you would be a McGorgeous.

I love chocolates but I’d trade all the candy bars in the world for you!

Are you a pizza topping? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure olive you


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