Ever heard of cooking food with human poop? Check out the process and other details here

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We all know charcoal is pretty expensive and with the ever-increasing prices, it’s pretty difficult to afford for people around the globe. This is why most villages and suburbs in India still use Gobar Gas as an alternative fuel because it’s way cheaper. While researchers around the world have been trying to come up with alternatives for charcoal, Kenya has discovered something that might change the game forever!

A startup in Kenya called Sanivation has come up with an ingenious idea to replace charcoal in a very cost effective way — by converting human faeces into fuel! Yes, this start-up in East Africa has found a way to combat Africa’s waste management problems whilst creating a brand new source of energy which can be used as fuel to cook food and light houses!

They treat human poop and turn it into Charcoal bricks. The pros? It burns longer and lasts more than Charcoal and has no smell. It also creates less smoke. The company collects faeces and sludge from Valley regions and heat it and a hundred degrees.  Sawdust is added to it whilst it is heating. This helps get rid of all the harmful gases and waste matter. Check out the process:

A Kilogram of this poop fuel costs somewhere around Rs 60. Plus it’s eco-friendly. Isn’t that great!?

The company hopes to double or triple their production by the end of the year and take this efficient fuel around the globe. What do you think of this ingenious and cost-effective idea? Tell us in the comments!

Pictures: Instagram/sanivation