Durga Puja Special: 7 Delicious Bengali Sweets You Should Try This Festive Season!

Looking to satiate your sweet tooth this Durga Puja? Here are 7 extremely mishti sweets that you can chow down on this festive season

If you really want to put a Bengali into a tizzy, ask them what their favorite sweet is! With so many scrumptious options to choose from, we’re pretty sure they’d be as confused as us! It’s  really not an easy question to deal with. How can you pick one slice of heaven over another? Bengalis take great pride in their large selection of delectable sweets that are loved by people of all ages, across the country. Since it’s the festive season, why not try out some of these enticing sweets that will melt your heart and your taste buds!

Here are 7 extremely mishti sweets that you can chow down on:

Misthi Dohi

Once you’re done with dinner, chow down on some sweet fermented yogurt? A Bengali meal is always incomplete without mishti doi. This dessert prepared from milk and caramelized sugar is a must have this Durga Puja season!


Nothing like a good ‘ol syrupy Rosogulla to satiate your sweet tooth, right? Let these soft and spongy delights melt in the mouth this festive season.

Nolen Gurer Payesh

This Bengali styled rice pudding is absolutely scrumptious. The sweet scent of Payesh will fill you with euphoria and the nice smokey flavor will linger in your mouth after you’re done gulping down the sweet dish.

Shor Bhaja

It was first made in Krishna Nagar West Bengal and is purely made of cream of the milk dipped in sugar syrup. It’s okay to indulge a little bit sometimes, isn’t it!

Malai Chom Chom

This timeless beauty is chilled cream sandwiched between our favorite soft roshogollas, coated with luxurious saffron cream and tenderly wrapped with love. Get ready to taste sweetness like never before!

(Photo: www.mix-and-stir.com)


It might look like Gulab Jamun, but make no mistake! Hard on the outside and soft on the inside, Pantuwas are pure melt-in-your-mouth-goodness!

Raj Bhog

This traditional Bengali sweet is made from paneer and stuffed with almonds and pistachios. A feast truly fit for royalty, you must try Raj Bhog this festive season!

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