Campus foodies: 5 food joints around Sri Venkateswara College, DU that should be at the top of your check list

Next time you visit South Campus, Delhi University, make sure to eat at the following places

When we talk about the campus life, we get reminded of fun filled carefree days wherein we used to walk around in large groups in search of good food joints and outlets. Apart from the college canteen which was in any way a ‘default’ eating joint, we always looked around for places that can fit our budget criterion. We decided to list a few eating joints around one of the most popular colleges in South Campus, Delhi University – Sri Venkateswara College.

We all look for an eating joint which has a nice ambiance, a good decor, and great crowd. So, keeping in mind these things- here are the five places that should be a part of your checklist.

Big Yellow Door

Big Yellow Door

Now, the name is intriguing and you might give thoughts to this place on the whole. But believe us, it is one of the amazing joints in Satya Niketan. From butter chicken pizza to yummy cheese burgers, you will find lots of delicious food items on the menu.

Scooter on the Wall:


The best part about this restaurant is its theme. The moment you enter the place, we assure you that you will love the decor. The menu boasts of different types of food items. One should definitely try the continental food here.

Woodbox Cafe:


Another food joint one should look forward too is Woodbox Cafe wherein your taste buds are in for some tasty yummy food items. Situated in Satya Niketan, this place is a must visit.



Echoes cafe

This place is very special as it is managed by differently abled staff. Once you sit, there is a bulb right next to your table. You press it and then you can order your food by showing placards. Interesting and as innovative as it can be, the food is also something one should definitely look forward too.

Young, Wild and Free:

Young Wild and Free is a perfect place for your gang to hang out. It’s not just about food in here. Of course, the food is great but there are other things one can look forward too while visiting this place. You can sit with your friends and challenge them to a game of Ludo or if you want to spend some alone time, then you can read a book here as well.

Now you definitely know where to go if you want to have lip-smacking food!
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