7 late night food delivery restaurants in Noida for your midnight hunger pangs

Is late night hunger bothering you? Would you like to like to order some delicious Italian food? If your answer is yes, then check out these late night food delivery joints in Noida

Whether it is for an important exam next day or binge watching your favourite TV series (don’t tell me Game of Thrones‘ fan theories haven’t kept you up all night!), we all need something to munch on while we are busy burning our midnight oil. While people living in their homes can cook something lip-smacking in no time (not always though), people living in paying accommodation (PG) don’t have a choice most of the times (I understand, living away from home has its disadvantages).

But that doesn’t mean that you have to starve till the kitchen opens up. Living in a metropolitan city has its advantages, one of them being the presence of late-night food delivery restaurants.

If you happen to be living in Noida, here are some restaurants that will satiate your midnight hunger:

Doggy Style

late night food delivery, noida

Doggy Style (Photo: Facebook)

From non-veg snacks like barbeque fiery chicken and fishy sirarcha to breakfast specials like peter pancakes and et tu brute‘ salad, this place has just about everything to keep your midnight hunger at bay.

Timing: 10 am – 2 am
Average cost for two: Rs 700
Where: Sector 62, Noida
Contact: +91 9910891808


late night food delivery, noida

Owlcity (Photo: Facebook)

This tiny food joint is located near the sector 18 metro station and serves all the popular snacks from a variety of burgers and pizzas to pasta and wraps. The place is open till 5 in the morning, so if hunger pangs bother you for long, you can just order and eat food at the restaurant itself.

Timing: 12 pm – 5 am
Average cost for two: Rs 400
Where: Sector 18, Noida
Contact: 011 33105496

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The FLIP Cafe

late night food delivery, noida

The FLIP Cafe (Photo: Facebook)

Don’t confuse it with MTV Flyp cafe in Delhi. This one delivers food late night and stays closed most of the day. In case you are wondering about the menu, the place offers all the popular snacks like burgers, sandwiches, spring rolls and fries.

Timing: 12 am – 5 am
Average cost for two: Rs 650
Where: Sector 50, Noida
Contact: +91 9871393553

Hunger Minister

Hunger Minister, food

The Hunger Minister (Photo: Zomato)

Hunger Minister is another place which can satiate your midnight hunger pranks. The place offers everything from Mexican salads to wraps and pasta. So are you ready to dig in?

Timing: 7 pm- 4:30 am
Average cost for two: Rs 400
Where: Sector 18, Noida
Contact: +91 9643751527

Night Food Xprs

late night food delivery, noida

Night Food Xprs (Photo: Zomato)

Night Food Xprs is like a city that never sleeps (literally!). The place is closed just for just 6 hours (no kidding) is a day between 5 am in the morning to 11 am in the morning and serves North Indian and Chinese food to the hungry souls.

Timing: 11 am – 5 am
Average cost for two: Rs 500
Where: Sector 50, Noida
Contact: +91 7042230408

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2 Bros Kitchen

late night food delivery, noida

2 Bros Kitchen (Photo: Zomato)

Are you craving for some spicy Indian food? Well, this is your go to place. From Paneer Lababdar to Chicken Tikka Masala this place has it all. The good news is that the place also offers amazing Chinese food. Craving for momos? You got it!

Timing: 11:30 am – 3:30 am
Average cost for two: Rs 600
Where: Sector 41, Noida
Contact: 011 33105099

27 Grills

late night food delivery, noida

27 Grills (Photo: Zomato)

So, what’s on the menu tonight? North India? Chinese or Italian? And what about the dessert? Well, 27 Grills has everything that you could crave for. Bonus, it also serves Red Bull for the times when staying up late at night starts taking its toll.

Timing: 6 pm – 3 am
Average cost for two: Rs 600
Where: Sector 27, Noida
Contact: +91 9971426789

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