Watch: Is Aamir Khan to be blamed for these EPIC workout failures?

Want to get an eight-pack abs? These hilarious workout failures videos are too funny to be ignored

We all want to get that perfect sculpted body just like Aamir Khan or Ranveer Singh. While they have high-class trainers who make sure to keep them motivated throughout, for us, the motivation comes from within. It’s like watching Rocky Balboa series and the next thing you notice is that you have already lifted 50 freaking pounds!

Somewhere down the line we all have been there and done that…  But what about the epic failures that some of us go through while trying to become the next Sylvester Stallone or for that matter Kancha Cheena aka Sanju Baba. The passion to get a perfect six-pack or Aamir Khan’s 8 pack abs have really resulted in some epic failures in the gym.


Workout fail

It was only a couple of days ago, Aamir Khan released a video showcasing his physical transformation to inspire us! He inspired the fitness freaks so much that mere pados wala gym enthusiast Raju bol padha… “Aamir se behtar mai karke dikhayega” and I was like… Okay!!!

The point is that is not what matters, these hardcore inspirations do make people experiment with things beyond their reach and the result can be or cannot be funny. For fun sake, we bring to you a compilation of super funny and craziest workout fails that have ever happened!

Just for the record and for those who have not watched Aamir Khan’s Dangal transformation video:

Behind Aamir’s success, there are trainers and behind our success are failures!!!

(Courtesy: Giphy)

PS – Don’t Laugh arthaat Hasna Mana Hai… LOL!

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