WATCH: 5 Best face exercises to reduce fat from your cheeks and chin

Worried about fat on cheeks? These face exercises will help you get sculpted, toned and slimmed cheeks.

Chubby cheeks look cute on toddlers but certainly not when you get older and bulkier. Although the best way to get rid of the face is slimming down your body, in case you just want to cut fat only from your face, few exercises can also help. These exercises can help you get sculpted, toned and slimmed cheeks. Try them to bid adieu to chubby cheeks and the dreaded double chin naturally.

Chin lift: This exercise stretches jaw, throat, and neck.

How to do: You can perform this exercise by sitting or standing straight. Tilt your head towards the wall; fix your eyes on the wall. Now tighten your lips, take your tongue little out and try to kiss the wall. Hold for 10 seconds. For better results, repeat it 10 times.


Chin Fat (Photo: Dreamstime)


Lips pull: This exercise works wonders when it comes to lifting face muscles. It stretches your chin and jaw.

How to do: It can also be performed while sitting or standing. Keep your head straight. Now try to push your lower jaw out and lift your lower lip up. Hold this posture for 10 seconds and do at least 10 repetitions of the same.

Fish face: Perform this exercise with a smile as it stretches your cheeks and jaw.

How to do: Suck in your lips while forming a fish mouth form and then try to smile. Hold for 5 seconds and do repetitions at least 5

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Jaw release: This one workout can get you an attractive jaw line while stretching your lips, jaws, and cheeks.

How to do: Either sit or stand straight. Move your jaw as if you are chewing a gum. Keep your lips closed. Now open your mouth and press your tongue within your bottom teeth. Remember to breathe in, breath out. Hold for 5 seconds and do at least 10 repetitions.

Blowing air: It stretches cheeks, jaws and neck muscles while toning them to provide a natural facelift to give a leaner appearance.

How to do: Sit straight on a chair. Tilt your head upward. Now pull your lips and blow out air from your mouth. Do at least 10 repetitions of the same.