Warming up before weight training is important. Know why!

While stretching and cooling down go hand-in-hand because they come after a workout, warm up needs a special attention because it precedes a workout.

Training with weights is fun, but it does require some really important elements to be taken care of. Warming Up, stretching, & cooling down are three such elements. While all these three components are very basic, many people tend to skip them and wonder why they do not feel ready to work out. They spend time on heavy sets but don’t spare even 5-minute to perform any of these fundamentals.

Here, we will focus majorly on warming up and discuss why it is important as well necessary. While stretching and cooling down go hand-in-hand as they come after a workout, warm up needs a special attention because it precedes workout.

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Q: Why to warm up?

Answers: Warming up 10-15 minutes before training is suggested as it:

Prevents injury: It prevents injuries by pumping blood in an area and further helps you focus on the workout.

Increases flexibility: It brings the lifter into the groove and trains muscles through an identical range of motion.

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Lubricate joints: As mentioned earlier, warm up pumps blood and lubricates joints.

Note: It is best to warm-up each muscle.

Warm Up Exercise

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Q: How to warm up?

Step 1: First give a light pump to the muscle and then perform one set of 10 reps with easy weights. This will prepare your muscle for the next set of heavy warm up.

Step 2: Now, you need to prepare the muscle for the heavyweights. Perform just 2 reps of heavy weight.

Step 3: It’s all about rest. After a heavy warm up, your muscle needs to rest for least 2 minutes before starting with the working sets.

After warming up, you can directly jump on to lift some heavy weights but remember not for many reps.