Want to be in good shape? Go intense with weights!

If you are dealing with the weight loss, cardio helps, but if it is about fat loss, intense weight training is required

Everybody wants to be lean and thin, but not skinny. However, the irony of the fitness world is that maximum people consider weight loss and fat loss as synonyms. Usually, people feel like joining gym only after watching the picture perfect bodies of fitness models or celebrities.

Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that people who actually join gym to tone up are just a few steps away from their final destination.


If you are dealing with the weight loss, cardio helps, but if you are focusing on fat loss, intense weight training is required. Basically, weight training is muscle focused training which helps you lose fat from a particular body part along with building muscle.

During this phase, we suggest you consume only fewer calories and more protein, as weight training is not much about burning calories but about gaining muscles.


Gaining these muscles will not only give you a lean look but also raise your base metabolism permanently. So, the secret to shape-up is weight.

Five aspects you need to pay attention while training with weights:


Warm up: Warm up is a must. I usually prefer 5-15 minutes of cardio warm up and at least 5 minutes of muscle warm up before I begin with the weights.

Focus on posture, not weight: First of all, improve your posture and then increase weights with the passage of time. Otherwise, you will end up getting injured.

Breathing matters: Exhale as you work against resistance by lifting, pushing, or pulling; inhale as you release.

Stick with your routine: working on all the major muscles of your body two or three times a week is ideal.

Remember to stretch: Don’t forget to stretch after your session as it relaxes the muscles.

Allow your muscle to relax: Always give your muscles at least 48 hours to recover before your next strength training session.