Looking for an easy way to lose weight? Go dairy free

With everyone from Jay-Z to Jennifer Lopez touting the benefits of a dairy-free diet, it's time to look into the benefits it offers.

Several researches have claimed that going dairy free can be your way to weight loss. In 2015, even Khloe Kardashian claimed that ditching dairy helped her drop a few pounds. You must be wondering how would it be possible to live without dairy products like milk or cheese!

Well, the answer to this question is the availability of plant-based dairy alternatives in the market which will make your transition to dairy-free diet easier. With everyone—from Jay-Z to Jennifer Lopez—touting the benefits of a dairy-free diet, it’s high time for us to be curious about eliminating dairy from our diet.

Here is why:

Maintains sugar level: All dairy products have Lactose content in them, which is a form of sugar. If you’re following a weight loss regime, the insulin secretion should be normalised and regulated. However, the sugar content in dairy products can elevate your insulin levels. Thus, quitting dairy can help you maintain your sugar level.


Improves digestion: Except yogurt and cottage cheese, dairy products are an acid forming food. Ditching dairy and going vegan means having a more alkaline diet in your food, which improves digestion. Moreover, Casein is the main protein that is found in dairy products and can also cause problem to your digestive system. Thus, ditching dairy will also improve your gut health, which is essential for weight loss.


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Stronger bones: According to a study by Harvard University on 78,000 female nurses, women who consumed greater amounts of calcium from dairy foods had a significantly increased risk of hip fractures, while no increase in fracture risk was observed for the same levels of calcium intake from non-dairy sources.

Prevent allergies: Milk allergy can appear at any time in life. FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) and EoE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis) are two types of allergic conditions, which usually occur from dairy products. Ditching dairy products can prevent you from having these allergies.