Fitness Mantra: 7 reasons how lifting is better than cardio

Lifting strengthens muscles and nobody can deny the fact that a stronger muscle has more potential to do everything better.

To achieve the optimum health, we always need to include cardio and lifting both in our workout plan. While Cardio is awesome to clear our head, lifting is good to gain those strong muscles. However, Cardio can put pressure on joints and muscles, lifting strengthens the two, and nobody can deny the fact that a stronger muscle has more potential to do everything better. It’s capable of generating more power, building up more stamina, and taking pressure off your joints and connective tissues. Here are seven points to explain how lifting is better than cardio.

Builds muscles: The benefits of cardio comes in the form of cardiovascular conditioning, while lifting builds muscles and grants more strength to the body.

Boost metabolism: Strength training first damages the muscles to make them stronger later, this cycle increases the metabolism post-workout during the recovery and repair process.

Improves mobility: If performed with the right posture, strength training improves our mobility and strengthens imbalances between the sides. The workouts to achieve this goal are pushups, squats, and pull-ups. All these train your joints and make them stronger.lifting-dreamstime-image-for-inuth

Reduces risk of injury: Sound strength training can bulletproof your joints and reduce the risk of injury from all types of training.cardio-excercise-dreamstime-image-for-inuth

Improves aesthetics: With cardio, you can get rid of extra fat from your body, but the strength training allows you to maximally develop every skeletal muscle in your body. The more muscle mass means the less body fat.

Offers variety: There are literally hundreds of ways to perform strength workouts like pushups, chin-ups, and pull-ups.


Comes with an anti-aging factor: As we age, we lose muscle mass and bone density, which decreases our metabolism, makes us look older and fatty. However, Studies have claimed that these effects can be reversed with a dedicated resistance training program.