5 Funny and awkward gym situations we all have been in

All these gym situations belong to different places and persons, but they share one common factor i.e. they just happened.

The gym is a place to shape your body and relax your mind. Quite rarely, this training room witnesses some of the awkward yet funny situations that leave a person embarrassed for the next few days and also, offers an opportunity for others to laugh at the moment. In this post, I will be sharing few such moments that I’ve seen while working out at different gyms.

The places are different and so are the people, but they share one common factor i.e. they just took place, leaving the victims of the situation red faced.

Here is the list:

Accidental fart: Farts in public are embarrassing. In the gym, the situation turns awkward when you let out an accidental fart while doing crunches or squat. We understand that the situation is humiliating, but nobody does it intentionally—it was a mere nature’s call. The person accused of doing it must have tried to control the noise, but unfortunately, his calculation went wrong.

Caught while stealthily staring someone: If you have ever used mirrors to stealthily check someone, then you must be knowing how much care the act requires. The situation turns awkward and hilarious, too if you’re caught while performing this act.

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Forgot your locker number: It can happen to anybody; if your gym admin has not marked locker numbers on the keys, then remembering them is always a huge task. Have you ever been in the situation of forgetting your locker number and awkwardly searched them all in front of everyone?

Weight fails: Tried to lift a little too much weight and got super embarrassed when it came crashing down and echoed throughout the gym.

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Smelling your pits: In gyms, deodorants are something you must have in your bag. Forgetting them, usually, place people in a situation where they self-consciously smell their pits every few minutes.