Watch: Magic shoes that can change colours instantly

Mike Phillips Jr. introduces magic shoes that can change colours

Shoes are the most valued and cherished possession in men/women’s style wear. For some, it is a hobby to collect shoes while for others it is an obsession. As per a recent study, on an average, a person owns 12 pairs of shoes on a yearly basis. Mind you, that is the average! However, with the huge amount of shoes also comes a problem of finding a proper place in your room to keep them safely. What if we tell you that now you only need just a single pair of shoes that can do all the work. Yes! Exactly now you do not need so many shoes as only one shoe can seal the deal for you people!

We know that you might be thinking that we are exaggerating it but wait till you hear more from us and by the time we end this article, we are sure that you will love this invention to the core. Raleigh artist Mike Phillips Jr. came up with a splendid strategy that blew our mind away! Using the simple heat-sensitive technique, the shoe designer has come up with a way that can help in changing colour of your shoes.

In simple terms, it is like you are wearing a blue-coloured shoe indoor and once you step out, the colour gets changed to maybe say… red! And fret not if you are in love with the original colour as you just need to rinse your shoes with cold water to get back the same colour. Isn’t that amazing!


The best part is that the price range from the shoes starts from $150. The shoemaker has decided to help the poor families by donating nearly 100 pairs of shoes. Even for bright students Mike Phillips Jr. has started off a few interesting offers. For instance, if a student has 100 percent attendance, then he gets a 10 percent off while buying a shoe.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy them as soon as possible!