Shah Rukh Khan to Hrithik Roshan, every man has made these 7 horrible fashion mistakes

Here are 7 horrible fashion mistakes you need to stop making. Read them. Read them again and then imbibe them into your daily life:

Let’s get one thing straight: When we talk about fashion mistakes, we’re discussing way more than just outfits —  like age-old habits that you refuse to break, fashion clichés you still think are true, and all those unflattering knick-knacks that you’re still holding on to. Believe it or not, these can completely destroy your personal style.

In case you’re worried about your obsolete style choices and want to match up to 2017, here are 7 horrible fashion mistakes all men make and they really need to stop making. Read them. Read them again and then imbibe them into your daily life:

Overly pointed shoes

Why would you want to look like a clown that just escaped the circus? No those shoes with extra ‘toe space’ are absolutely ugly. Please throw them out asap.

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Extremely skinny jeans

Wearing ‘almost-like-a-second-skin’ skinny jeans is the biggest fashion mistake on the planet.  Please stop suffocating your crotch and throw away those super skinny jeans.

Glossy, shiny shirts

Those sleazy looking bright shirts aren’t doing you any favors, trust us. The ladies aren’t loving it either. You’re better off without them.


No man, woman or anyone else on the planet should wear these horrible things. Burn them. Burn them all.

Sandals and socks

Please note: Unless you’re below 10 years of age or above 60 years of age, wearing sandals and socks is not acceptable.

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 Cargo pants

Unless you’re a dad of 2 who needs ‘comfy’ pants for a day out with the kids, don’t wear these disgusting looking pants, ever.

Long spiky hair

This isn’t 2006 and you aren’t the lead singer of Greenday. Get a haircut, please.

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