Photos: Kriti Sanon wears Rs 2000 notes! Common people do not get to see one!

If Anil Kapoor's ATM line was unbelievably short, Kriti Sanon's latest 2,000 note dress is epic!

Demonetisation has hit the Bollywood and that too hard! So while Anil Kapoor was spotted standing at an ATM line a couple of days ago, Kriti Sanon decided to surprise her fans by wearing all the new Rs 2,000 notes!

Yes! Kriti Sanon was recently spotted wearing a dress that had prints of the recently launched Rs 2,000 all over it! Now this is quite a unique innovation keeping in mind that the actresses have used different print styles in the past but Kriti Sanon’s demonetisation hit wardrobe is a mind-boggling idea!

Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon
(Courtesy: Instagram)

Kudos to the designer who came up with the unique concept. But the question remains why only a Rs 2000 note was used and not the new Rs 500 note? While people in India are standing in long ATM lines just to get a glimpse of the new notes, the stars are flaunting the notes in intriguing ways!

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The actresses will certainly take a cue from Kriti Sanon’s dress and we are sure that soon we will get to see someone flaunting new Rs 500 notes on their wardrobe! The actress recently did a photoshoot for a leading magazine and the photos were smoking hot! Actress nailed a hottie look by flaunting a white coloured top which was paired with checkered pants.



She has nailed the corporate look. Kriti’s picture where she is wearing a grey coloured suit is one of the highlights of the photoshoot. Kriti will be seen next alongside Sushant Singh Rajput in the romantic flick Raabta. The actress is already grabbing a lot of attention for her off-screen chemistry with the actor. She was last seen in SRK, Kajol and Varun Dhawan’s starrer Dilwale.