Photos: From Shahid Kapoor to Varun Dhawan, Bollywood celebs tell us how to coolness quotient this summer by wearing shorts

This summers, Bollywood actors have given some real tips to boys on how to wear shorts

The summer season is here and guys might be wondering how to look cool. The tried and tested methods have already been done and dusted so how are the summers going to be different? The answer very well lies in the clothes that you wear to increase your coolness quotient and bring down the heat-o-meter. However, shorts for men is something that never goes out of style. From Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh to Varun Dhawan, Bollywood leading actors are picking up shorts as their go-to casual wear.

The actors have been spotted quite a many times wearing some funky and solid colour shorts. The experimentation with different colours adds to the overall excitement. You can definitely try out colours like navy blue, khaki, olive or beige for that matter. And the best way is to wear it with casual shirts, henleys or polo shirts.


You do not have to stick to one kind of shorts as you can experiment with the material as well. You can go for cargo shorts to give yourself a trendy look or you can also try out checkered or plaid ones as they can give an extra edge to your overall styling.



One word of caution – Never wear knee length socks with the shorts. They look bad and you might become a center of attention, for all the wrong reasons!




The mix and match technique is the best when it comes to wearing shorts. They are comfortable, trendsetter and indicate a sense of ease. However, you should not wear them to official meetings or formal occasions. Try out boat shoes or sandals to complete the look. Here are a few more pictures that will give you an idea of colour combinations that you should go out for:

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