InUth Pick: Instagram's top 10 hottest Indian models of 2016 who will make even the men swoon

Gone are the days when bikini models were only found at pageant contests or in Playboy magazines

Gone are the days when bikini models were only found at pageant contests or in Playboy magazines. With the advent of social media, it has gotten easier to appreciate beauty in all its glory. Instagram has become the new host of such activities with several models (and supermodels) sharing their hot pics for the world to see.

While there are some evergreen Indian models like Poonam Pandey who have rocked Instagram since time immemorial, there are a few others who have managed to stand out this year and have gained a remarkable fan following. Some of them may seem familiar from advertisements but their Instagram accounts show them in an entirely different light.

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Without much further ado, let’s take a look at these hottest of hot Indian models who have been stealing hearts (quite literally ’cause… Instagram!) all over the world. And, fair warning, some of these maybe too hot for you to handle (hashtag NSFW). So, watch your back before you scroll down.

Ashika Pratt (ashika_pratt)

A photo posted by Ashika (@ashika_pratt) on

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Nidhi Sunil (nidhisunil)

@davidbellemere #momapproved

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Diva Dhawan (diva.dhawan)


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Lakshmi Menon (menonlakshmi)

Neelam Gill (neelamkg)

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Paloma Monappa (palominski)

#blackandwhite @farrokhchothia

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Elena Fernandes (elenarmf)

Rikee Chatterjee (rikeec)

@repostapp from @sanjeevkumarphotography – #testshoot #goa #iphone6s

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Carla Dennis (carlaruthdennis)


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Angela Jonsson (angela.jonsson)

Happy Hump Day! You got this! throwback to LA and shooting with @heathergildroy + motivation for me to work out today.

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