In Pics: Deepika Padukone's latest outfit at New York Fashion Week is not at all impressive!

Deepika Padukone impeccable fashion sense at the New York Fashion Week has taken the world by storm. She is being praised by the fashion police all around the globe. Her navy trench dress was a stunner at the event but her recent outfit for the event did not impress us one bit.  She looked fabulous sporting that

After doing a spectacular debut at NYFW in a navy-blue coloured dress, we expected Deepika to take her fashion statement to another level but then that was not the case. We feel her Ralph and Lauren dress was a complete disaster!


Styled by Elizabeth Saltzman, Deepika wore a white coloured outfit for the event. What we felt was lacking in the outfit was the vibrant colour. White is a sober colour and we have seen Deepika flaunt this colour in the past with a panache. So, this time it was nothing new for us that could leave us awe-struck!



Undoubtedly, we can say that Deepika’s showstopper avatar for Michael Kors was way better than the one she has worn this time.

Somewhere down the line, Priyanka led the race by wearing an outfit which was rich in colour. Her wardrobe had that texture which was lacking in Deepika’s outfit this time. All this while, Deepika was undoubtedly leading the fashion race but Peece’s smoking hot avatar outdid Deepika’s clothes.


Deepika Padukone could not break the shackles and it’s definitely not the best she got! Deepika could not charm us the way Priyanka did this time. All in all, both the actresses have received mixed reactions for their wardrobes in the New York Fashion Week 2017.

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