Govinda to Daler Mehndi: 7 alternate fashion icons of 90s whom we missed to follow

You relate names like Govinda & Rajpal Yadav to fashion disasters but what if they were fashion icons and whatever they wore became the hottest trend?

When you think of fashion icons from past 2-3 decades, what are the names that pop up in your mind? Got a list ready? Okay, now cross them all out. All of them. We’re here to change your list entirely.

We know you relate names like Govinda, Daler Mehndi and Rajpal Yadav to fashion disasters but think about it this way- what if we were in a parallel universe where they were the fashion icons and whatever they wore became the hottest trend in town? The world would be way more colorful (and happier tbh).  Even though we can’t change things now, there’s no harm in believing and pouring happiness in our life with these musings, right?

Here’s our list of 7  alternative fashion icons who should’ve taken over in the 90s or early 2000s:


You’d have to be living under a rock throughout the 90s if you couldn’t guess that the first name in our list would obviously be Govind Ahuja! We mean, can you rock the ‘I’m in a yellow tee-red dungaree-yellow AND red cap about to steal yo wife’ look? We don’t think so.

Check out his finest outfits right here:

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Daler Mehndi

Daler Mehndi = childhood. If you haven’t danced to Tunak Tunak were you really born in the 90s? We wished people were as confident as him and blinged up more often!

Check out his finest outfits right here:

Rajpal Yadav

We really wish everyone could rock that red face paint + gravity defying hairdo that Rajpal rocked in Bhool Bhulaiya.

Check out his finest outfits right here:

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Chunky Pandey

Mamma miia .. Only Chunky can wear a shirt brighter than my future! We’re sad that this colorful, bright trend didn’t catch the people’s fancy!

Check out his hilarious floral shirt- green suit outfit right here:

Akshay Kumar from the 90s

He obviously changed his stylists since then, but Akshay from the 90s  was a sheer savage. Unbuttoned dungarees and sheer tees should really be the next big thing. Sadly, they won’t.

Check out his green shift + mauve suit outfit right here:

Johnny Lever

Comedy king Johnny should also have been the king of Indian fashion. NO ONE can rock silver pants and maroon shirts. NO ONE.

Floral shirts? Purple pants? Fluorescent outfits? Check, check and check!

Tusshar Kapoor

We don’t even have anything to say, we just wish people would let their inner Tusshar out more often!

Yes, watch the entire movie because all his outfits will give you #OutfitInspo:

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