Glittering butts? We really don't need any such experiments

First it was glittery eyes, then came the glittery hair and now glittering butts. Wonder what's next?

People love experimenting in the world of fashion. First, it was the glittering eyes then came the glittery hair and now people are going crazy over the glittering butts! Yes! You heard it right! The fashion enthusiasts are taking the concept of body glitter to another level. Sun-kissed beaches and swimsuits – body glitter is the latest trend that has hit the fashion world.

The latest trend that has come up on the fashion globe is putting up glittery sparkling thing on their butt! Interestingly, it has already garnered a lot of attention among the people, who are trying out the new trend and flaunting their glittery butts on social media.  The idea rolled up after artist Sophia Moreno and a bunch of girls who were wearing bikinis put up sand on their butt.

It was then they decided to enhance the look by taking it to the next level. They decided to put glitter on their butt and hence this led to the development of an altogether different fashion innovative idea. As much as the idea sounds innovative, we are sceptical to see whether such fashion trend is going to be a bit hit among Indians.  Bizzare fashion ideas have come up lately. And in the coming time, we might get to witness this fashion trends while we are on a beach.


The Instagram account is filled with such pictures and videos wherein you can see people trying out the new muse. Interestingly, people are also putting up videos to showcase how you can get glittering butt. As the time is evolving, fashion sense is clearly evolving but at the same point, it makes us wonder, what’s next? We know that people will definitely find something new to look at but then do we really need such fashion? How do these new experiments add to the overall fashion sense especially in a country like India? For the fashion enthsusiasts in India who just want to try it out for fun, here are the pictures and videos that will give you a fair share of idea about the glittering butts.