From terrible prints to baggy attires: 5 things every plus-size clothing brand needs to remember

Here are some suggestions for all the retailers and designers who stand by the motto, 'everybody is beautiful' and really want to make plus-size women happy

While we can’t deny that plus-size clothing has come a long way, we also can’t run away from the fact that it is still very difficult (most of the times, impossible) to find a perfect attire if you are a BIG woman. Yes, there are many brands that have now started making clothes for curvy beauties, but they don’t always keep fashion trends in mind? Well, here are some suggestions for all the retailers and designers who stand by the motto, ‘everybody is beautiful’ and really want to make plus-sized women happy.

Bigger size is no excuse for terrible design 

Plus-size women also like to experiment with their looks and want to follow the current fashion trends. So instead of focusing on bad floral designs and poor bedsheet prints, try to come up with something trendy yet elegant. Because who doesn’t want to look fashionable?

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Not every plus-size wearer is tall

Yes, this is the most irritating part of shopping as a plus-size woman. Why do you guys assume that if a lady wears a bigger size she will be tall as well? And believe it or not, leaving an outfit, for this reason, is really heartbreaking sometimes.

One size doesn’t fit all

Ohhkk, so let’s try to understand it in a rather simple way. An outfit that looks good on a small or a medium size woman would not look good on a plus-size wearer. It is great if you are giving too many size options, but there needs to be some understanding of different body shapes and sizes.

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Sleeves or not to sleeves

Not everyone likes wearing sleeveless clothes, you guys. In India, apparently a stylish garment is one that shows your upper arms not one that flatters your figure. Where’s the logic even?

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Not every plus-size girl has a flat stomach

Just like most of the plus-size models, not every curvy girl is blessed with a flat stomach and an hourglass shape. So you need to use models of different shapes and sizes to keep it more real.

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