From stripes to Khakis and off shoulders, here're the fashion trends that you must follow in 2017

We’ve just made it super easy for you to keep with trends which will surely remain ‘new’ this year.

In an ever-evolving age, it is extremely tough to keep up with all the latest trends. It is especially tough to understand what the trends of the day are and whether any of them remains so with the or turns out to be “Oh! That’s so last season”. We’ve just made it super easy for you to keep with trends which will surely remain ‘new’ this year.

Stripe it up

It is safe to say that you could NOT go wrong with any kind of stripes this year. For a formal look, go for pin-stripes in pastels and soft hues. But, if you want to make a statement, go for large contrasting stripes that criss-cross, fall across each other, form bold patterns and basically accentuate your curves.

Stripe it up

Stripe it up (Photo: Dreamstime)

Return of the Khakis

The good ol’ khakis are back to rule your wardrobe and the understated elegance of the colour is here to stay in 2017. Whether it is Khaki pants or full statement jackets, this androgynous style is a must have for day wears. Pair them up with stoles and shawls to accent the ensemble.

khaki dress for


Rebel with the Off shoulder

2016 was the year of the Bardot style. It seems that this one is here to stay for a while. Celebs across the globe have embraced it with passion and the romantic casual style of this look is a hit across the board. This year, though, the off-shoulder look is inspired from the iconic ‘rebellious  80s’ look of Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. Not only dresses but T-shirts, sweatshirts, tops are all going bare – at least by one shoulder.



Whether you opt for the soft hues of the sea or decide to choose the jewel tones – blue is the colour of the year. Celebrities have embraced it, starting from the First Lady of US, Melania Trump who wore it to the Inaugural function.

blue dress for

If not Melania’s formal look for the day, the current crowned queen of Bollywood fashionistas, Sonam Kapoor’s rich Lapis Lazuli dress will definitely convince you to take the colour.

P.S. In case you are not fond of a blue palette, make sure you at least stick to solid colours when choosing your newest dress.

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Romancing the Ruffles

ruffles for

The soft feminine ruffles are also back in vogue to add glamour and romance to your wardrobe. But don’t go overboard with them as it is not about the volume but just a touch of it here and there. Add some floral ruffles or a bit of the curl on your sleeves.

Keep it Ethnic

Keep the good work going with handlooms and add more to your wardrobe as the year goes by. More and more Indian designers are getting in touch with the rich traditional heritage of our country. Ethnic handlooms are the material of choice for many and the hashtag #IWearHandloom has taken social media by storm – which is a great thing. After all, bringing the textiles of India to the forefront is a task that was long due. Thanks to FDCI and Smriti Irani, the process has become faster.kalki-instagram-image-for-inuth

But don’t just stick to salwar kameez and sarees. Re-invent them. Wear a saree with a T-Shirt or drape it like a dress. Re-imagine your mother’s old phulkari kurta and get it altered to make it into a dress that you can don when you go out next time with your friends.